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April 17–May 31, 2023

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"When readers feel strongly, their hearts are open. Your stories can not only reach them for a moment, but they can change them forever."

— Donald Maass —

Have you heard this feedback about your novel before?

“Your plot was cool, but your characters seemed one-dimensional.” —Your beta readers

“Your main character isn’t relatable. Try to make them more well-rounded.” —Your critique partner

“Unfortunately, this is not something that is right for me.” —The agents who don’t bother to explain that the lack of emotional depth in your sample pages prevented them from relating to the main character

“Your premise is fascinating, but I’m afraid I didn’t connect with your protagonist enough to offer representation.” —The agents who’ve rejected your manuscript after requesting a full

If you keep hearing this type of feedback, then your writing is missing one critical element: believable emotion that connects your reader to your characters.

In this 5-week course you’ll learn…

  • Why getting emotion right is SO crucial for getting your readers (and agents!) to fall in love with your book
  • The six tools you can utilize to integrate emotion on the line level,
  • My proprietary Emotion Formula to guide you in using your tools effectively,
  • How to magnify the power of emotions throughout your novel, and
  • So much more! (Scroll down for a detailed course description.)

Soon you’ll start hearing feedback like:

“Wow, I LOVED your protagonist!” Your future beta readers

“How the hell did you level up your writing so much since our last page exchange?! I actually cried while reading your pages—I’ve only done that for published novels before!” —Your critique partner

And maybe even…

“I’m so pleased to offer you representation for [your book’s title]!” —Your future agent

It's time to take your writing dreams seriously.

Say "Yes!" to Writing Emotion Well

Praise for Katie's Coaching Expertise

"The Emotion Formula made a substantial change to my writing—that a lot of other people acknowledge as well. Katie is the best thing to happen to my book writing career!"

— Candice W. 

"Katie clearly has the heart for books! She stirred up my excitement to revise my book, which isn't an easy thing to do!"

— Alexis J. 

"Katie took my story and pointed out exactly where I needed to do more thinking and revising, leading me to several big breakthroughs."

— Samantha S. 

"Katie respects your vision as a writer while pushing you to keep honing. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who is truly looking to develop their story with intention and gain tools as a writer that you will continue to reuse every day."

— Nola S. —

"With Katie's help, I was able to see how my story and characters will improve and come to life in ways that exceeded my expectations."

— Lauren P. 

"Working with Katie, you know immediately that you have a coach who truly cares about your book and making it the very best it can be."

— Ricki H. 

"Katie presented solid, consistent feedback in a clear, understandable way. In doing so, she helped me find the story I really wanted to tell. I now have the confidence and optimism to shape this story into the manuscript I envisioned."

— Lynn H. —

Your story deserves to be told excellently.

Writing emotion well will bring it to life in a whole new way.

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What We Cover in this Course

Section 1: The Basics of Emotion

Getting readers connected with your characters on an emotional level is key to selling books. In this section of the course we'll cover topics like:

  • Why an emotional connection between your reader and your protagonist is essential
  • The experience your reader actually wants when they pick up your book
  • The three things you MUST do in order to write emotion effectively

Section 2: Five Tools for Conveying Emotion

As a writer you're familiar with dialogue, thoughts, and body language as elements of writing craft that can convey information to your reader, but few writers know how to leverage these elements to best emotional effect. This week we'll discuss how to do this effectively with the following five tools:

  1. Dialogue
  2. Vocal Cues
  3. Visceral Reactions
  4. Internal Thoughts
  5. Body Language

Section 3: The "Forgotten" Tool

Narration gets a bad rap, but it's one of the most powerful tools in a writer's toolkit when it comes to emotion. This week we'll discuss:

  • Why "show, don't tell" is terrible advice
  • What NOT to do when utilizing narration
  • When to use narration instead of action—in other words, when to tell, not show

Section 4: My Flexible Formula for Integrating Character Emotion into Your Writing

Here's where we bring it all together! This week I'll share:

  • My 4-part Emotion Formula for integrating character emotion on the line level
  • Examples of the Emotion Formula in action
  • Detailed checklists for you to use as you practice the formula and apply it to your manuscript

Section 5: Beyond the Line Level

In this final section of the course I give you an exclusive deep-dive look at how emotion works—in people and therefore in characters. We'll explore concepts that will expand your character's emotional depths, such as:

  • Emotional range, triggers, amplifiers, and intensity
  • The factors that shape(d) your character's emotional self
  • Special circumstances that require finessing your own understanding of your character

Also included:

  • Targeted exercises for you to practice applying the concepts—yes, there's homework!
  • Opportunities to receive coaching from me in our weekly LIVE group coaching sessions, where I'll answer questions and give feedback on homework submissions
  • The Emotion Formula: Quick Reference sheet—perfect to keep near your desk or in your notebook
  • Four detailed checklists that guide you in how to continue applying what you learn during pre-writing, as you write, while you revise, and whenever you want some general practice at flexing your emotion-writing muscles
  • The Six Tools for Conveying Emotion: Quick Reference so that you have an easy way to remind yourself of the tools in your storytelling toolkit
  • A Syllabus for Further Study, in which I list and annotate the resources I most recommend for you to continue honing the craft of writing emotion after the course

So here's the real question:

Are you ready to take your writing to the next level?

I'm ready!

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Hi, I’m Katie, an Author Accelerator certified book coach, editor, and creator of the Writing with Feeling course. I’m passionate about providing research-based strategies to writers that are accessible and packed with valuable content.

My favorite thing about what I do is helping authors transform their manuscripts to better embody their creative vision. I believe in you, your work in progress, and that your best writing is yet to come!