We’ve coached a number of writers, novelists, and storytellers to create the book of their dreams.

But don't take our word for it...

Here's what our World-Building clients say:

"I am so thankful that I found Andrew and trusted him with my world. He was able to spot the weak points in my worldbuilding and find a way to strengthen it. His knowledge, input, and suggestions were invaluable and I am so proud and excited for what we created."

S.F. Henne, Fantasy Author

"Working with Andrew was an absolute delight. It was great to work with someone who showed such enthusiasm and genuinely wanted to help. I felt that I and my work were seen and valued above and beyond being just another client."

Donna Jo De Oliveira, Fantasy Writer

“My world has drastically changed and has grown in a way I never thought possible!... Who knew world-building could be so much FUN!!!"

A. L. Road, Fantasy Writer

“I can't overstate how significantly my materials have improved in just a few sessions with Andrew. He quickly instilled in me some good habits in world-building, and my world has taken off because of it.”

Jake Waltrich, Fantasy Writer

“Andrew is AMAZING!!!!!...His world-building consulting helped me find my story and my characters…He is very knowledgeable, and I would HIGHLY recommend him.”

Shelli R. Johannes, Published YA, MG, and Children’s Author

“Andrew delivers the goods when it comes to world-building. He obviously has extensive experience with creating (and modifying) fictional worlds.”

P. E. Robinson, Speculative Fiction Writer

“The amount of lore and understanding of my world that came out of my session with him is invaluable.”

K.P. Escobar, Fantasy Writer

“Andrew offered me both clarity and workable solutions for some gaps I had in my magic system… I came away with a clearly defined magic system and some great insights for my plot based on that. I highly recommend Andrew."

R. V. Bowman, Published YA and MG Author

“Before I was wondering if I would ever feel comfortable publishing my book. 

Now I have such a solid foundation for my magic system to build off of.”

Jason Marsh, Fantasy Writer

Here's what our Story Planning clients say:

"I was in a bit of a slump with my series plan, but after meeting with Andrew I feel inspired and refreshed, and can’t wait to move forward with the other books I have planned for my series!"

K. A. Earnest, Fantasy Writer

“[Katie] gave me the confidence to take the big step of committing to one character's story. She also provided excellent feedback, helping me turn my outline into something with more substance."

Thea Lizabeth, Fantasy Writer

“Having a service like this for a story like mine informed every other dynamic of my story. I so appreciated how [Andrew] showed a commitment to my story that rivaled mine.”

Heather Ensign, Science Fiction Writer

“Katie is an amazing coach to have by your side on your novel writing journey.”

Ashley Campbell, Science Fiction Writer

“The end result is a very tight and crisp outline where scenes flow from one to the next organically with clear direction and story arc; everything you need to get successfully started writing!"

Nola S., Historical Fiction Writer

Here's what our Revision Support clients say:

"Working with Katie is a MUST for anyone serious about getting their book, and their craft, to the next level. She respects your vision as a writer while pushing you to keep honing. Her diligent approach to structure and character arc, and her astute observations combined with a collaborative, solutions-oriented approach will completely revolutionize your story."

Nola S., Historical Fiction Writer

"Katie can zero in on everything that is holding back a book's potential. She stirred up my excitement to revise my book, which isn't an easy thing to do!!"

Alexis Jacobs, Multicultural Writer

“Katie took a big picture look at the novel’s plot, structure, and characters, providing me with professional insights that I wouldn’t be able to get from critique partners alone. Recommended!"

P.E. Robinson, Speculative Fiction Writer

“Katie helped me apply notes from an agent's revise request to my manuscript, ultimately whipping it into such shape that the agent then offered me representation! I absolutely credit her help in leveling up my manuscript.”

Samantha Skal, Thriller Writer and Book Coach

"I hired Katie after completing a manuscript. Her input was transformative and far better than I could have dreamed of. Katie provided exactly what I needed for my book with her 'FIRM up your novel' system."
"Katie is friendly, professional, patient and flexible always reminding you that it is your book and allowing your creativity to run free but at the same time doesn't hold back if things are not right or where you are leaving the reader behind. I now have a fantastically improved outline and a lot of work to do but the project has also restored my love of writing and stories."

Simon Hazelden, Fantasy Writer

“Katie's coaching skills are helping me to marry the elusive word + story dynamic in my book. I so appreciate her thoughtfulness and professionalism!"

Huck Beard, Literary Historical Writer

“Katie has given me the confidence and optimism to shape this story into the manuscript I envisioned."

Lynn Harpham, Contemporary Fiction Writer

“Sometimes we just need that little push or encouragement. Katie provided that with her coaching."

A. L. Road, Fantasy Writer

"Katie is thoughtful and thorough in her editing. Her recommendations for revision are spot on and done with a kind spirit."

Whitney Buckley, Western and Contemporary Author

“I came away with to-the-point recommendations to improve the story and writing style, but more importantly, she invigorated me as to how I could weave a better experience for the reader.”

George Sabol, Historical Fiction Writer

“I now feel armed with a load of incredible feedback regarding plot, story progression, and pacing issues to look out for while revising.”

Rachel Schmidt, Contemporary Fiction Writer