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  • Dive into the nitty-gritty details
  • Create a logically coherent narrative
  • Avoid consistency errors and plot holes

Standard Services

World-building takes time and meticulous attention to detail. We recommend starting with a World-Building Audit to get comprehensive feedback on your existing world material before moving on to Advanced World-Building Coaching.

World-Building Audit

  • A 30-minute intake call to identify focus areas

  •  A detailed review of all your current world-building materials (notes, maps, outlines)

  •  An audit letter outlining constructive criticisms and insight on your work

  •  A two-hour video coaching call focused on comprehensive feedback

  •  A summary letter with clearly identified action items

This package costs $375 USD

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"I am so thankful that I found Andrew and trusted him with my world. He was able to spot the weak points in my worldbuilding and find a way to strengthen it. His knowledge, input, and suggestions were invaluable and I am so proud and excited for what we created."

S.F. Henne, Fantasy Author

“I can't overstate how significantly my materials have improved in just a few sessions with Andrew. He quickly instilled in me some good habits in world-building, and my world has taken off because of it.”

Jake Waltrich, Fantasy Writer

Advanced World-Building Coaching

  • A 30-minute intake call to identify areas of focus

  • A detailed review of your material related to the identified areas of focus (e.g., politics, culture, geography)

  • A feedback letter offering insight on your work, critique, and suggestions.

  • A two-hour video coaching call focused on feedback and constructive work

  • A summary letter with clearly identified action items

This package costs $275 USD

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Specialty Services

Building a coherent magic system takes planning to a whole new level. Get the feedback you need to create a magic system that illuminates your entire narrative.

Magic System Consultation

  • A 30-minute intake call to identify any areas of concern

  • A carefully curated questionnaire to gather the essential information about your magic system

  • A feedback letter assessing the strengths and growing points of your magic system

  • A one-hour video coaching call focused on feedback and constructive work 

  • A summary letter with clearly identified next steps. 

This package costs $175 USD

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“Andrew offered me both clarity and workable solutions for some gaps I had in my magic system… I came away with a clearly defined magic system and some great insights for my plot based on that. I highly recommend Andrew."

R. V. Bowman, MG and YA Fantasy Writer

“My world has drastically changed and has grown in a way I never thought possible!... Who knew world-building could be so much FUN!!!”

A. L. Road, Fantasy Writer

“Andrew is AMAZING!!!!!...His world-building consulting helped me find my story and my characters…He is very knowledgeable, and I would HIGHLY recommend him.”

Shelli R. Johannes, Published YA, MG, and Children’s Author

“Andrew delivers the goods when it comes to world-building. He obviously has extensive experience with creating (and modifying) fictional worlds.”

P. E. Robinson, Speculative Fiction Writer

Meet Our World-Building Coach

Andrew is a book coach and World-Building Consultant. He loves reading, anime, Dungeons and Dragons, and nerding out with writers over their books. If you like piña coladas, getting caught in the rain, and developing complex fantasy worlds that transport readers to another dimension, you two will get along just fine.

"Working with Andrew was an absolute delight. It was great to work with someone who showed such enthusiasm and genuinely wanted to help. I felt that I and my work were seen and valued above and beyond being just another client."

Donna Jo De Oliveira, Fantasy Writer

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