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You’ve read your manuscript a thousand times, but something's still missing.

You need objectivity. You need inspiration. You need a book coach.

  • Receive objective feedback on your project

  • Define your vision and goals of your story

  • Receive big picture developmental insights

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  • Develop a strategic plan to improve your project

  • Define your vision and goals of your story

Working with our revision coach is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Manuscript Evaluation

A Manuscript Evaluation includes:

  • A close reading of your entire manuscript to identify structural issues, plot inconsistencies, and areas for strategic character development
  • An evaluation of fundamental issues in your manuscript using our research-based assessment rubric
  • An editorial letter (10+ pages) summarizing coaching feedback and next steps for development 
  • A 60-minute coaching call to review feedback and outline strategies for improvement

Pricing for a Manuscript Evaluation is:

  • Up to 85,000 words, $1,600 USD
  • 85,000-100,000 words, $1,950 USD
  • Over 100,000 words, $1,950 USD plus $20/1,000 additional words

Standard turnaround time for this service is 3-4 weeks.

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"Katie's ability to see what's missing is such a huge asset in a book coach. She took my story and pointed out exactly where I needed to do more thinking and revising, leading me to several big breakthroughs in both my main character's emotional arc and in tightening up my plot. She's also a fantastic listener, and I left each of our calls feeling heard and full of excitement for my next steps."

Samantha Skal, Thriller Writer

Step 2: FIRM Up Your Novel for Revision

A 5-deadline package focused on taking your novel from “needs work” all the way to the fourth draft by addressing the Foundational principle, Internal desire, Route, and Manuscript. 

  • Gain objectivity over your manuscript 
  • Address problem areas, plot discrepancies, and character flaws
  • Define your goals and vision for the story
  • Evaluate your story in light of these defined goals
  • Formulate a plan to actualize your story’s potential

This package includes:

  • 5 deadlines with personalized workbook materials and exercises based on your project goals
  • Written feedback on each set of submitted exercises
  • 5 coaching calls (two 2-hour calls and three 1-hour calls—7 hours of live coaching total!) 

By the end of the package you will have:

  • A clear outline to overcome areas where you are “stuck”
  • An actionable plan to bring your vision to life
  • A step-by-step revision guide for your manuscript

This package costs $1750 USD. Need a payment plan? Let us know!

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"I hired Katie after completing a manuscript. Her input was transformative and far better than I could have dreamed of. Katie provided exactly what I needed for my book with her 'FIRM up your novel' system. I now have a fantastically improved outline and a lot of work to do but the project has also restored my love of writing and stories."

Simon Hazelden, Fantasy Writer

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"Katie can zero in on everything that is holding back a book's potential. She stirred up my excitement to revise my book, which isn't an easy thing to do!!”

Alexis Jacobs, Science Fiction Writer

"Working with Katie is a MUST for anyone serious about getting their book, and their craft, to the next level. Her collaborative, solutions-oriented approach will completely revolutionize your story."

Nola S., Historical Fiction Writer

“Katie took a big picture look at the novel’s plot, structure, and characters, providing me with professional insights that I wouldn’t be able to get from critique partners alone. Recommended!"

P.E. Robinson, Speculative Fiction Author