Revision Support with Katie

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Hi, I'm Katie. I LOVE helping writers in the revision trenches. I'm an Author Accelerator certified book coach, and you can read more about my background and coaching practice here.

I love to work with fantasyscience fiction, contemporary fiction, historical fiction, and romance. I primarily work with authors who are writing for new adult and adult audiences, though I do also work with YA manuscripts.

Note: While I would love to help every author on their journey, there are some genres I do not work with as I cannot maintain a level of expertise in every genre. At this point in time, I don't work with children's literature (picture books, Middle Grade), erotica, horror, nonfiction, and memoir. I tend not to work with literary fiction, though I will occasionally.

Working with me is as easy as 1-2-3:

Manuscript Appraisal

Option 1:

Strategic Assessment

A strategic assessment of a manuscript includes:
  • A strategic reading of select sections of your manuscript (first three chapters, last three chapters, and scattered chapters between),
  • An evaluation of fundamental issues using our Strategic Assessment rubric,
  • An editorial report (5+ pages) summarizing my findings and laying out next steps, and
  • A 30-minute coaching call via Zoom to review my feedback.
This package costs $250.
Standard turnaround time is 1-2 weeks.

Option 2:

Full Manuscript Evaluation

A full manuscript evaluation includes:
  • A close reading of your manuscript,
  • An evaluation of fundamental issues,
  • An editorial letter (5+ pages) summarizing my findings and laying out next steps, and
  • A 60-minute coaching call via Zoom to review my feedback.
Pricing for a full manuscript evaluation is:
  • Up to 85,000 words, $1,300.
  • 85,000-100,000 words, $1,600.
  • Over 100,000 words, $1,600 plus $15/1,000 additional words.
Standard turnaround time for this service is 3-4 weeks.

Revision Prep

FIRM Up Your Novel for Revision

I wholeheartedly agree with what Jessica Brody wrote in Save the Cat! Writes a Novel: "Plot, structure, and character transformation... [are] the three essential building blocks of every great story ever told."
This is an 4-deadline package that focuses on making sure the foundation of your story is FIRM by addressing the Foundational principle, Internal desire, Route, and Manuscript. By initially stepping back from the pages of your manuscript to define your goals and vision for the story, we are then able to evaluate your existing story in light of those things and formulate a clear plan for how to work toward reaching your story's potential.
This package includes:
  • 4 deadlines (weekly or every-other week), where you read workbook materials and complete exercises to submit to me,
  • Written feedback on each set of submitted exercises, and
  • 4 coaching calls (three 2-hour calls and one 1-hour call) via Zoom held after each deadline to discuss your submission and my feedback and to work together to strengthen your material.
By the end of the package you will have:
  • A clear understanding of your vision for the story,
  • A solid outline of how to bring your vision to life, and
  • A revision plan to guide you in continuing to revise your manuscript.
This package costs $1350.

Revise With Coaching

Ongoing Revision Coaching

Once we've developed a clear vision for the revision process, I can give you developmental-edit level feedback along the way. This often results in a manuscript that is ready to pitch in fewer revision passes.
Revision support coaching includes:
  • Six deadlines over three months,
  • Bi-weekly submission of up to 25 pages*,
  • Inline comments on your submitted pages,
  • An editorial letter summarizing revision priorities for these pages and/or explaining relevant writing craft concepts, and
  • Six 50-minute coaching calls via Zoom to review the feedback (one per deadline).
This coaching package costs $1,500 and is billed as three $500 monthly charges.
Additional pages and coaching time can be added a la carte as needed; $60/30 minutes, $8/page.
*Manuscripts must be in standard manuscript format: 1” margins, Times New Roman 12pt font, double-spaced. Page count must be determined after the manuscript is formatted correctly.

What are you waiting for?

You've spent months or years on this story and something just isn't working. Let me help you figure out what that is and guide you toward making your manuscript reach its potential.

Let's get started!
"Katie helped me apply a pile of notes from an agent's revise & resubmit request to my manuscript, ultimately whipping it into such shape that the agent then offered me representation! Her ability to see what's missing is such a huge asset in a book coach, and I absolutely credit her help in leveling up my manuscript. She took my story and pointed out exactly where I needed to do more thinking and revising, leading me to several big breakthroughs in both my main character's emotional arc and in tightening up my plot. She's also a fantastic listener, and I left each of our calls feeling heard and full of excitement for my next steps. She's organized, prompt, and professional, and I cannot recommend Katie and Craft Better Books enough!"
—Samantha Skal, Thriller Author and Book Coach