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Society-Building Toolkit

Looking to build a brave new world? We compiled the essential society-building tools and research into one place so you can focus on your creative process.

  • A guide to creating fictional political and economic systems 
  • Resources for building believable societies, cultures, and religions
  • C.O.R.E. Questions Cheat Sheet for world-building
  • Project-focused workbook and exercises
  • Roll-A-Society Generator to explore society-building combinations
$57.00 USD   $27.00 USD
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World-Building Made Simple

Does your novel need a complex world? Our course is designed to equip fantasy and sci-fi writers with the tools to build a world that rivals Middle Earth. 

  • Essential guide to mapping out your world-building
  • How to apply our proprietary 5-Phase Framework for world-building
  • Prompts for developing economic, political, and power dynamics
  • An outline for building complex cultures
  • Tips on organizing your world-building content
$77.00 USD   $47.00 USD
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