You don't have to research every inch of your society to build a believable one—because we already did it for you.

With our Society-Building Toolkit, you gain unlimited access to all the resources you need to create a complex society, all in one place. 

Build a brave new world with all the essential society-building tools right at your fingertips.

Make the most of your planning time with an in-depth guide that keeps you motivated and focused.

  • A 40-page ebook guide to understanding political, economic, and societal systems and how to use them in your novel
  • A 16-page interactive workbook so you keep on task and feel confident in your writing direction
  • C.O.R.E. Questions Cheat Sheet that gives you all of the central world-building prompts from each chapter to keep you on track and organized
  • Resources for developing the cultural and religious foundations of your story world that readers will find believable and that you can easily apply to your story
  • Roll-A-Society Generator to explore society-building combinations and overcome decision paralysis
  • Tools and prompts to create unexpected types of political systems, economic systems, and societies to see what fits best with your novel. 

*BONUS: recap materials and lifelong access to content (including updates!)

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"All the major considerations for world-building were listed and explained. The execution was excellent!"

Samantha Eklund

“The questions have really got me thinking through what is logical for the world, how to make things make sense and to remind me that I am in control. It highlighted the interconnectedness of everything in my world as well as providing a process that is easy to follow time and time again. I will definitely be keeping this in my back pocket from now on."
– Donna Jo De Oliveira, Fantasy Writer

Meet the Architect

Hi, I'm Andrew, book coach and world-building consultant, and the mind behind the Society-Building Toolkit. I'm passionate about providing research-based strategies to writers that are accessible and packed with valuable content. I believe in you, your fictional world, and that your best writing is yet to come!

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