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One-on-one support for establishing your story's foundations.

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One-on-one support to evaluate and strengthen your manuscript.

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We're Katie and Andrew, and we believe that compelling stories can change the world.

As a husband-and-wife team, we help writers hone their skills and deepen their stories so they can craft better books.

Whether you're building a world, plotting out your novel idea, or stuck in the revision badlands, we can't wait to join you on your journey.

"I can't overstate how significantly my materials have improved in just a few sessions with Andrew. He quickly instilled in me some good habits in world building, and my world has taken off because of it. Andrew is able to offer advice and essential criticism without coming close to seizing ownership of another's world. Plus, he digs into the details to grasp them fully, to the point where at times I'm convinced he recalls the elements of my world better than I do, which is invaluable as we tie it all together."

Jake Waltrich, Fantasy Writer and CPA

"At the beginning of 2021, I had lots of story ideas, characters, outlines, and unfinished drafts of scenes. I was writing in my spare time, and I had no idea what writing project to concentrate on. I began to stall. I found Katie on Instagram and she gave me the confidence to take the big step of committing to one character's story. She also provided excellent feedback, helping me turn my outline into something with more substance."

Thea Lizabeth, Fantasy Writer

"Katie can zero in on everything that is holding back a book's potential, and give you clear pointers on how to fix these things. She was especially good at helping me to clarify my character's arc, by analyzing my own jumbled description, which is extremely important for a novel. Katie clearly has the heart for books, which is why she can expertly help you see through the blockages and get to the heart of your story! She stirred up my excitement to revise my book, which isn't an easy thing to do!"

Alexis Jacobs, Multicultural Writer

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