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Book Coaching

In this episode, Katie describes exactly what she does as a book coach. Listen in and find out how book coaches are essential to the book writing process.

(May 23, 2022; episode 45 of Editing Writing with Wayne Jones)

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What You Need to Know About World Building

Want to know exactly what ‘world-building’ refers to? Andrew gives his host, Donna, a crash course explaining all the details. He shares tips on exactly where to start and dives into the five phases that will fine-tune your world-building process!

(April 14, 2022; episode 208 of The Author Accountability Podcast)

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Let's Talk Story Perception

Katie discusses how a story is perceived by a reader and the thread of perception at every stage that the book goes through - from author to reader. Check it out!

(March 17, 2022; episode 206 of The Author Accountability Podcast)

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How to Get the Most Out of Nap-Time Writing

Katie shares the most common pitfalls she sees in her clients' work, such as incomplete character arcs. She also breaks down how to avoid them in easy-to-digest steps so you can avoid a time-consuming rewrite.

(February 28, 2022; episode "How to get the most out of nap-time writing with book coach and mom Katie Wall from Craft Better Books" of These Mums Write)

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How to Make Your Imaginary Worlds Come Alive Through Worldbuilding

Andrew gets into how he got into world-building, and how he developed his systematic approach. His advice? Make a map!

(August 9, 2021; bonus episode of The Shit No One Tells You About Writing)

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What is a Book Coach?

Katie gives a detailed explanation of what she does as a book coach and how it just might save your next novel. Don’t miss this deep dive into how to improve your own writing.

(June 11, 2021; episode "What is a book coach? An interview with Katie from Craft Better Books" of Not From This Planet)

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What You Can Learn From Your Rejections

Katie explains what you can learn from your rejections, why patience will pay off down the line, and how having a book coach can help you avoid these costly rejections.

(May 5, 2021; season 4, episode "What You Can Learn From Your Rejections" of The Shit No One Tells You About Writing)

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Discussion With Book Coach Katie Wall

Katie and host Pete discuss a variety of writing-related topics, including world-building, publishing, and maintaining a positive outlook as a writer.

(April 2, 2021; episode 4 of The Future's So Write)

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The Benefits of a Book Coach, The Art of World Building & Scrivener with Katie Wall

Katie and host Michaela chat about the importance of a book coach, world-building, and the wonderful writing tool Scrivener.

(March 3, 2021; episode 3 of Pens and Prosecco Podcast)

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