The Aspiring Authors' Alcove: A Helpful Community for Writers Who Are Serious About Their Craft

Not everyone understands writers.

There is so much more that goes into writing than just writing. 
Finding a community of peers who understand that is essential for all writers. 

And what better folks to enter into community with than other writers who are on the same journey, going through the same struggles, having the same doubts, and who have the same craft.

The Aspiring Authors' Alcove is where you can get connected with other writers who are serious about their writing craft and who are interested in connecting with other like-minded folks. 

Not to mention that you get active support in your writing journey from two coaches who care deeply about you and your WIP!   

I'm Ready! Let's Do This!

Well, hello there!

We are Andrew and Katie Wall, the husband-and-wife team behind Craft Better Books

Katie is a writer and book coach, who loves stories, words, and grammar (yes, really!). She has over a decade of experience helping writers in a variety of capacities.

Andrew is a World-Building Consultant. He loves books, anime, video games, TTRPGs, and pretty much anything he can engage with that will expose him to more story worlds.

Together, we work to support aspiring authors in their writing journeys from start to finish! Our goal is this: to help you hone your craft, to invite you to embrace the joy and source of inspiration that world-building can be, and to set you up for writing success

One thing we understand is feeling like no one gets what we are doing. So often folks are left struggling towards their dreams without much support from the people around them. It is easy to feel like you don't know what you're doing, that no one believes in you, or that you are stuck and can't move forward. 

This is why we created the Aspiring Authors' Alcove: to help amazing writers like you not feel like that. We love the work that we get to do supporting writers, making them feel seen and heard, and helping them grow in their craft. 

The Alcove is a space in which you can expect accountability, friendships, and opportunities to learn and grow. 

So What Do Alcove Members Get?

Alcove Access

By becoming a member of the Alcove, you get access to a network of writing peers who are as serious about their writing as you are. Not only that, you get to be part of a community focused around writing with accountability, inspiration, and encouragement built in. All of this is found through our private server on Discord. 

The Craft Better Books Team

As a member of the Alcove, you get easy access to Katie and Andrew, two professionals who have dedicated themselves to helping writers grow and create excellent stories. Through the weekly sprints and monthly coaching opportunities, as well as through general community engagement, Andrew and Katie are looking forward to getting to know you and your story!

Weekly Writing Sprints

Working alone can be hard. That's why weekly writing sprints over video chat are built into the DNA of the Alcove. There is a lot of good research out there showing that when we are working around other people we are more likely to stay on task. Twice a week, the community will have the opportunity to gather together for one hour of writing sprints to work on current WIPs "together." 

Monthly Group Coaching

The Alcove's monthly group coaching calls are extremely important to the group living out its vision. Every month Katie and/or Andrew will lead the group in a session where you can ask questions about world-building and writing craft, workshop places where you are stuck, and develop a stronger sense of connection as a community by supporting each other.

Katie's Helpful Link Lists

As an Author Accelerator certified book coach, Katie has done a lot of research on writing craft and has her own lists of go-to sources for helping writers further develop their craft. Being a part of the Alcove gives you access to this valuable list of links, books, and other helpful resources for serious writers! Katie updates these lists each quarter, so you'll continue to gain access to even more helpful links over the course of your membership.

Weekly Snippet Exchange

Every week we encourage Alcove members to share a snippet of up to 500 words from one of their WIPs. This is a great opportunity to get feedback on your work from other writers and from Katie and Andrew. It is also a wonderful chance for you to give feedback and encouragement to your fellow writers. We have even developed a guide for giving feedback to ensure that the environment in the Alcove is always constructive.

Exclusive Discount

As a part of the Alcove, you represent the inner circle of authors who work with Craft Better Books. As such, you will be the first to know about new products and services that Katie and Andrew will offer AND you will receive a 25% DISCOUNT on those new opportunities before they're available to the public! Talk about perks!


That's a lot of value!
What are you waiting for? Become an Alcove member today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This For?

The Beginner

Are you just starting your writing journey? Then the Aspiring Authors' Alcove is the community for you! Not only will having access to the resources of the Alcove benefit you greatly, but surrounding yourself with a supportive group of writers will go a long way as you tackle all of the planning and hair-pulling that goes into producing your first manuscript and the revision process that follows.

The Encourager

Are you a writer who enjoys supporting and encouraging other writers? Join the Aspiring Authors' Alcove! Just because Katie and Andrew are the official coaches does not mean that theirs are the only voices that matter. Your experience is one of the greatest gifts you can share with other writers and we would all be lucky to have you along for the journey!

The Lone Writer

Already a ways into your WIP? Used to doing all of your own research and teaching yourself how to write? Wish you had people who could relate to what you are going through? It sounds like you need to join the Alcove and get the community and support that you need to flourish!

The Experienced Author

Have you already published a book, but are looking for encouragement and support as you start your next WIP? The Alcove is the place for you to not only grow in your own craft and get the connection you are looking for, but to share your experience so that others can learn from you too!

Join the Alcove Today!


Praise for Craft Better Books

" I can't overstate how significantly my materials have improved in just a few sessions with Andrew. He quickly instilled in me some good habits in world building, and my world has taken off because of it. Andrew is able to offer advice and essential criticism without coming close to seizing ownership of another's world. Plus, he digs into the details to grasp them fully, to the point where at times I'm convinced he recalls the elements of my world better than I do, which is invaluable as we tie it all together."

—Jake Waltrich, Fantasy Writer, CPA

"Katie can zero in on everything that is holding back a book's potential, and give you clear pointers on how to fix these things. She was especially good at helping me to clarify my character's arc, by analyzing my own jumbled description, which is extremely important for a novel. Katie clearly has the heart for books, which is why she can expertly help you see through the blockages and get to the heart of your story! She stirred up my excitement to revise my book, which isn't an easy thing to do!"

—Alexis Jacobs, Multicultural Writer

"Andrew offered me both clarity and workable solutions for some gaps I had in my magic system. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I ended up getting way more than I expected. He was easy to talk to and was very respectful of what I already had in place. Sometimes consultations can turn into what the consultant would do instead of what the consultee could do. Andrew didn't do that at all. I came away with a clearly defined magic system and some great insights for my plot based on that. I highly recommend Andrew."

—R. V. Bowman, MG and YA Fantasy Author

"Katie Wall's review of my manuscript provided clarity that I had not otherwise been able to find. I had queried my manuscript with twenty or so agents and received some nibbles, but ultimately all passed. I knew in my heart that my lack of clarity around my query letter probably highlighted an issue with the manuscript, but until Katie pointed out the specifics, I didn't know how to proceed. Katie has given me the confidence and optimism to shape this story into the manuscript I envisioned."

—Lynn Harpham, Fiction Writer

"I thought I had world-building down pat until I talked to Andrew. He opened my eyes to all the different aspects of world-building and what to consider to make everything work and be believable. In a very short time my world has drastically changed and have grown in a way I never thought possible!"

—A. L. Road, Writer

"At the beginning of 2021, I had lots of story ideas, characters, outlines, and unfinished drafts of scenes. I was writing in my spare time, and I had no idea what writing project to concentrate on. I began to stall. I found Katie on Instagram and she gave me the confidence to take the big step of committing to one character's story. She also provided excellent feedback, helping me turn my outline into something with more substance."

—Thea Lizabeth, fantasy writer

Tier 1 Subscription



  • A community of dedicated writers.
  • Access to the Craft Better Books team. 
  • Weekly writing sprints.
  • Monthly group coaching call.
  • 25% discount on new products and services.
  • Katie's Helpful Link Lists.

Tier 2 Subscription



  • All of the great items from the "Tier 1 Subscription"
  • PLUS a quarterly 5-page developmental edit done by Katie.

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  • All of the great items from the "Tier 2 Subscription."
  • PLUS a quarterly 
    15-minute 1:1 coaching call with Katie.