First Pages Group Coaching Program

The first pages of your book are crucial for its success.

Your opening pages aren't quite what they could be. But you don't know how to get them there.

A lot of authors struggle with the start of their story. It might be that the first line is just not right. Or maybe you're not sure that you've started your story in the right place. Or perhaps your beta readers aren't connecting with your protagonist right away.

Agents, editors, and readers need to be drawn in immediately when they pick up your book, otherwise you risk them closing it and walking away.

To give you and other authors the support you need to revise your existing first pages—and gain more confidence in you writing abilities in general—I created the First Pages Group Coaching Program.

This eight-week program is a small group (5-7 people per cohort) coaching program where participants:

  • Read through the writing craft book (provided) Your First Fifteen Pages by literary agent Sandra O'Donnell, PhD.
  • Progress through a workbook designed to supplement the information given in Your First Fifteen Pages and guide you through revising your own first fifteen pages.
  • Discuss the course materials in weekly group coaching calls so that you can more easily apply the concepts to your own writing.
  • Meet and get to know other writers—yay community!
  • Practice applying the concepts to your first pages along the way and receive feedback from me on those pages in our group calls.
  • Submit your fully revised first fifteen pages to me for feedback via in-line comments and edits plus an editorial letter at the end of the course.

This is an incredible amount of value added not only to your current manuscript but also to every book you write from here on out. All of this costs just $397.

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