Testimonials for Consultations with Andrew

" I can't overstate how significantly my materials have improved in just a few sessions with Andrew. He quickly instilled in me some good habits in world building, and my world has taken off because of it. Andrew is able to offer advice and essential criticism without coming close to seizing ownership of another's world. Plus, he digs into the details to grasp them fully, to the point where at times I'm convinced he recalls the elements of my world better than I do, which is invaluable as we tie it all together."

—Jake Waltrich, Fantasy Writer, CPA, World-Building Audit and Consultaion client

"Andrew offered me both clarity and workable solutions for some gaps I had in my magic system. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I ended up getting way more than I expected. He was easy to talk to and was very respectful of what I already had in place. Sometimes consultations can turn into what the consultant would do instead of what the consultee could do. Andrew didn't do that at all. I came away with a clearly defined magic system and some great insights for my plot based on that. I highly recommend Andrew."

—R. V. Bowman, MG and YA Fantasy Author, Magic System Consultation client

"Andrew delivers the goods when it comes to world-building. He obviously has extensive experience with creating (and modifying) fictional worlds. For maximum results, I think the consult is best paired with the One-Month World-Building course."

—P.E. Robinson, Speculative fiction author, World-Building Consultation client

"I thought I had world-building down pat until I talked to Andrew. He opened my eyes to all the different aspects of world-building and what to consider to make everything work and be believable. In a very short time my world has drastically changed and have grown in a way I never thought possible!"

—A. L. Road, Writer, World-Building Consultation client

"Magic systems are pretty easy to get flustered over and just throw the story away altogether. Taking the time to have a talk with Andrew over my magic system helped in so many ways. Now I have such a solid foundation for my magic system to build off of. Before I was wondering if I would ever feel comfortable publishing my book. Even though there is a lot of work to go I now can see publication in the future for my story."

—Jason Marsh, Fantasy Author, World-Building Consultation client

Testimonials For Book Coaching with Katie

"Katie helped me apply a pile of notes from an agent's revise & resubmit request to my manuscript, ultimately whipping it into such shape that the agent then offered me representation! Her ability to see what's missing is such a huge asset in a book coach, and I absolutely credit her help in leveling up my manuscript. She took my story and pointed out exactly where I needed to do more thinking and revising, leading me to several big breakthroughs in both my main character's emotional arc and in tightening up my plot. She's also a fantastic listener, and I left each of our calls feeling heard and full of excitement for my next steps. She's organized, prompt, and professional, and I cannot recommend Katie and Craft Better Books enough!"

—Samantha Skal, Thriller Author and Book Coach, Pitch Readiness Assessment and Pitch Prep Package client

“Katie takes a genuine interest in your work.

She took so much time to understand the world I had created. She knew my characters as well as I did. But what helped me the most was her ability to look at my novel with an outside perspective. Her questions really had me thinking. She gave me more than a few ‘ah ha’ moments with her notes.

She is able to see the potential in your novel and help you get it there! She takes being a book coach seriously! She really is in your corner helping you along, telling you when you do a good job but she's not afraid to say ‘hey! let’s work on this, how can this be better’. Katie is an amazing coach to have by your side on your novel writing journey.”

—Ashley Campbell, Educator, Firm Foundations Bootcamp client (this service was replaced by the Plotting Help package)

"My book was in rough shape when I shared it with the Craft Better Books team. It's still a work in progress, but I now feel armed with a load of incredible feedback regarding plot, story progression, and pacing issues to look out for while revising. Their help and extra attention has made all the difference in my rewrite."

—Rachel Schmidt, nurse/writer, First Pages Evaluation/Pitch Readiness Assessment client

"Katie provided me with candid and actionable feedback on the first pages of my manuscript. Not only that, she took a big picture look at the novel’s plot, structure, and characters, providing me with professional insights that I wouldn’t be able to get from critique partners alone. Everyone needs outside and objective criticism to grow and learn. Katie provides this with kindness and support. Recommended!."

—P.E. Robinson, Spec-fic author; manuscript foundations review client

"Katie and I talked back and forth on Instagram for a while before I asked her to help me with my manuscript. Best decision! She was able to show me things I needed to work on and also brought to light the things I knew that I needed to rework and change in my story. Thank you! Sometimes we just need that little push or encouragement. Katie provided that with her coaching."

—A. L. Road, Writer, Pitch Readiness Assessment client

"Katie can zero in on everything that is holding back a book's potential, and give you clear pointers on how to fix these things. She was especially good at helping me to clarify my character's arc, by analyzing my own jumbled description, which is extremely important for a novel. Katie clearly has the heart for books, which is why she can expertly help you see through the blockages and get to the heart of your story! She stirred up my excitement to revise my book, which isn't an easy thing to do!"

—Alexis Jacobs, Multicultural Writer, First Pages Evaluation client

"I am a novice at fiction writing and Katie not only provided quality editorial review, but she also delivered remarkable coaching to me. I came away with to-the-point recommendations to improve the story and writing style, but more importantly, she invigorated me as how I could weave a better experience for the reader. I could not have asked for or received more."

—George Sabol; Secular Franciscan, horseman and engineer; manuscript evaluation client

"Katie Wall's review of my manuscript provided clarity that I had not otherwise been able to find. I had queried my manuscript with twenty or so agents and received some nibbles, but ultimately all passed. I knew in my heart that my lack of clarity around my query letter probably highlighted an issue with the manuscript, but until Katie pointed out the specifics, I didn't know how to proceed. Katie has given me the confidence and optimism to shape this story into the manuscript I envisioned."

—Lynn Harpham, Fiction Writer, manuscript evaluation client

"The editorial note was very thorough and confirmed some underlying problems that I had already suspected. Katie's coaching skills are helping me to marry the elusive word + story dynamic in my book. I so appreciate her thoughtfulness and professionalism!"

—Huck Beard, Writer, manuscript evaluation client

"At the beginning of 2021, I had lots of story ideas, characters, outlines, and unfinished drafts of scenes. I was writing in my spare time, and I had no idea what writing project to concentrate on. I began to stall. I found Katie on Instagram and she gave me the confidence to take the big step of committing to one character's story. She also provided excellent feedback, helping me turn my outline into something with more substance."

—Thea Lizabeth, fantasy writer, Plotting Help package client

"Katie gave me insightful and helpful advice and is an incredibly lovely person to work with."

—Laura R., Licensed Therapist, manuscript evaluation client 

Testimonials For Katie's Editing Services

“Katie is a phenomenal editor. She helped me to clarify the purpose for my writing and her input helped me to completely restructure my non-fiction book. She was very detailed and definitely helped me to put my best foot forward with my book proposal submissions to various agents. She is the best!"

— Melissa Moore, Motivational Speaker and Host of the Podcast Faith Hope Love with Melissa Moore, developmental edit client

“Katie Wall is a collaborative and thoughtful editor. She is a professional who takes time to evaluate a written piece. She is skilled at pointing out ways the writer can communicate their point more clearly and efficiently. Katie makes a point to ask the writer questions to ensure clear communication throughout the editing process. She is passionate about writing and helping others meet their written goals, whatever they may be. I would highly recommend Katie Wall for any editing project, big or small.”

—Bethany Baker, Special Education Para & ACC Consultant, copy edit and proofread client

"I knew it would be helpful to have a professional proofreader go through my Ph.D dissertation, but I had no idea it would be THIS helpful! Katie's attention to detail is off the charts and she truly helped me put together a thesis that I can submit with confidence. Every Ph.D student and aspiring author should use Craft Better Books!"

—Wesley W. Ellis, pastor, MDiv, MA, PhD, proofreading client