One-Month World-Building

The Tool You Need to Make a Meaningful, Multi-Layered World

Build an exciting, multi-layered world
for your sci-fi/fantasy novel in just 30 days!

Wouldn't it be great if you could be done
with world-building and get to writing?

What if you could do it all in a month and also feel completely organized while you did it? 

Not to mention, what if you never felt stuck and always knew what was next on your world-building checklist?

One-Month World-Building is what you need to create an unforgettable world and to ensure your readers get HOOKED!

With One-Month World-Building, there is no need for feeling overwhelmed, for long and drawn-out processes, or even for needing to use your precious vacation days to hammer out your world-building.

With One-Month World-Building, you'll learn how you can confidently accomplish your world-building goals in a single month

I'm Ready! Let's Do This!

Tell me if this sounds like you: 

You struggle with feeling overwhelmed about the whole world-building process.

You are tired of world-building slowing down your writing. 

You wish there was a way to get through this process in a reasonable amount of time and in an organized and meaningful manner without missing anything important along the way.

What if there was a way to do just that: to tackle world-building with confidence and in a reasonable time frame so you can carry on with writing your story?

That is exactly why we created One-Month World-Building. 

Start building your world the right way today so that tomorrow your readers can get lost in world and its story!

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One-Month World-Building

  • Learn how it's possible to build your world in one month with our 5-Phase Framework through an online video course!

  • Get direction in getting organized so your notes are easy-to-access and useful to you while writing with an additional set-up tutorial.

  • Receive support to stay on schedule with a PDF copy of your monthly timeline and a handy step-by-step checklist

  • Get a 5-Phase Framework cheat sheet so you don't have to constantly refer back to the video lessons after watching them.

  • Be granted lifetime access to your purchased content, including all future additions and updates. Use One-Month World-Building and the 5-Phase Framework for all of your books!

"Imagine If..."

Right now you are feeling it: the overwhelm, that sense of being scattered, the enormity of the task of world-building.

Where and how do people start? How many times are you going to have to rehash this stuff?! When will you be able to get to writing your story without needing to pause and figure out world-building stuff?

Well imagine, if you will, having a video course you could watch and come out other other side knowing exactly where to start, confident that you will only have to go through the world-building process once, and be one step closer to actually writing your book?

One-Month World-Building is exactly what you need to tackle the task of crafting your world, since it is designed specifically to help you attain your goals

Build a World for $47

Nice to meet you!

Hi there! I’m Andrew Wall—nerd, supporter of writers, and fellow world-builder. 

I am the Story Elements Consultant at Craft Better Books, where I work with my wife, Katie Wall, to support science fiction and fantasy writers in their writing journeys. I love books, anime, video games, TTRPGs, and pretty much anything I can engage with that will expose me to more story worlds.

While my formal education isn't in creative writing itself, I am formally versed in ancient history, philosophy,  and religious studies, all things that go hand-in-hand with world-building (and force me to engage new worlds, in a sense).

My fascination with fictional worlds has led me to create more than my fair share in the last twelve years, making me all-too-familiar with the frustrations that can come with the process.

Of course, this is where One-Month World-Building comes in. After starting Craft Better Books and really starting to engage with and listen to the writing community in a new way, Katie and I realized that lots of people really struggle with world-building. It was because of hearing about these difficulties, and because of my own familiarity with them, that we decided to make One-Month World-Building and share our time-tested 5-Phase Framework for world-building with you!

Our goal is this: to help you hone your craft, to invite you to embrace the joy and source of inspiration that world-building can be, and to set you up for writing success

So What Is Included?

One-Month World-Building
($250 VALUE)

This is the meat and potatoes of this offer, walking you through everything from the basics of what we mean when we talk about world-building and why it's essential, to how to best go about your world-building. I include numerous world-building prompts, exposition on the various elements and steps, and instruction on how to use this offer so you can get your world-building done in a month! 

The 5-Phase Framework
($200 VALUE)

This framework is my proprietary, step-by-step process for tackling world-building and I am sharing it with you so you can achieve your goals! With this framework you will have a clear road map for world-building in a series of steps that neatly build off of each other in a sort of world-building "snowball effect."

5-Phase Cheat Sheet
($25 VALUE)

Look, I get it: watching some video lessons once does not mean you'll have perfect recall of all of the content. Because I want this material to be easy-to-use, I am including a PDF reference document for my 5-Phase Framework. With this cheat sheet you won't have to constantly go back through the videos to hunt for the information you need as you progress through your world-building.

One-Month Game Plan
($25 VALUE)

This PDF takes the steps of the 5-Phase Framework, splits them up between four weeks, and lines them up next to check boxes, giving you a handy reference and self-accountability tool to use. Nothing is more satisfying than checking those boxes as you finish their associated steps!

Getting Organized Tech Talk
($25 VALUE)

With this video screen-share tutorial, I show you the best way to get organized for your adventure in world-building. Yet, this isn't just for the building phase. Look at it as giving you an accessible organization structure so you can easily access your world-building notes even after you've started writing!

That's a $525 value!
Grab it now for $47.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This For?

 If you already have a story idea, but have been struggling with your setting details and really hammering out what you want your world to look like, then you need One-Month World-Building. World-building is so much more than constructing your setting. It is creating a fleshed-out world full of things happening that makes a setting feel even more real to you and your future readers. Let me help you nail down the basics so you can move forward with confidence.

If you are someone who is just starting out on your writing journey and are looking to begin with world-building, One-Month World-Building is absolutely for you! I always highly recommend starting the writing process with world-building because I believe that a well-constructed world naturally presents many story opportunities. Using One-Month World-Building will set you up to clearly define your story as you move towards writing your book!

If you have already started writing and keep running into continuity issues or setting contradictions, One-Month World-Building can help you iron those out. Trying to world-build on the fly is hard and can set a lot of traps and tripwires for us along the way. I highly recommend putting a pause on your writing to figure out your world-building so when you pick your writing back up you have an even more refined story idea and a clearer trajectory. 

If you are at any stage of the writing process and feeling "world-building overwhelm," then I designed this product to help you get your confidence back and take your writing to the next level!

Grab One-Month World-Building today!

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How Does This Work?

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Step 3: After that, you will be taken to a "Thank You!" page and you should receive an email with a link to access One-Month World-Building and the associated products. 


Step 4: Watch the videos, download the schedule and cheat sheet, and get started building your world!

Refund Policy

Due the to the digital nature of this product and the ease of consuming its contents in a short amount of time, there will be no refunds after purchase.

Imagine where you could be
one month from now:

  • You could be totally done with your world-building and have a world you love, that you are confident your readers will love, and that is bursting with story potential.  
  • You could be moving towards actually writing your book with a firm foundation under your feet. 
  • You could be nailing down the last details for your setting and story idea, making them the best they can be

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One-Month World-Building

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