Finishing the Journey Well: Pitch Packages

You’re hoping to get your book traditionally published someday, which means you need an agent. However, you’ve heard the odds are slim

But did you know that there are some things you can do to increase your odds of landing an agent??

That’s right, there are! And I can help you implement them!

According to literary agent Sandra O’Donnell in her book Your First Fifteen Pages, there are six key elements agents look for in the first pages of a manuscript:

What the story is about.
Who the main characters are.
Why the reader should care about the characters.
What the point of the story is.
Where the story is set.
What the timeframe is for the story.

If those elements aren’t there, then the chances of an agent rejecting the manuscript are very high.

To address this aspect and increase your odds, I offer several services to evaluate if these six key elements are present and done well in your first pages. You can read about them below under Evaluate the Elements. I also offer a First Pages Group Coaching Program that teaches you how to improve these elements and strengthen your writing craft.

Other ways to increase your odds are to prepare your query and synopsis, research agents and decide what you want out of working with an agent, follow the guidelines, and ready your mindset. I help you with all of these—plus create a personalized query strategy with you—in my Preparing to Pitch package.

Once you’ve gotten everything ready and you’re set to send out that first batch of pitches, I can support you as you wait for responses and receive them. Did you know that there are different types of rejections and we can learn from them and adjust your strategy? Learn more under Ongoing Query Support below.

And finally, if you’ve already been querying and keep getting rejections, I do offer a Troubleshooting the Pitch package. Let’s take a step back and figure out what’s going on instead of continuing to do the same thing and hoping for a different result.

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