Book Coaching with Katie

Writing a fantasy or science fiction book can be so rewarding, but also incredibly difficult.
You don’t have to embark on this journey alone.

In my book coaching practice I am dedicated to:

  • Giving honest and constructive feedback—I care deeply about you and your story, and my feedback reflects this.
  • Building confidence in writers—I will help you grow as a writer in general while we work together to make your current manuscript stronger.
  • Really listening to you about your writing dreams and your story—in our conversations I will reflect what I hear and help you dig deep to find the core of why you write and what the heart of your story is.

I help writers who want to tell stories that resonate on a deep emotional level with their readers. My ideal client writes in hopes of making an impact on the world—whether via traditional or small press publication—one reader at a time.

If there’s a little voice inside of you screaming, “Me! That’s me! I want to write an amazing story that changes the world!” then I can’t wait to join you on this adventure!

“Your coaching is both motivational and indispensable.

I can't imagine finishing this book without you.”

Ashley Campbell, coaching client

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Note: I specialize in fantasy and science fiction, but I also enjoy working with other genres, such as contemporary fiction. I primarily work with authors who are writing manuscripts for young adult, new adult, and adult audiences.

While I would love to help every author on their journey, there are some genres I do not work with as I cannot maintain a level of expertise in every genre. At this point in time, I don't work with Children's literature (picture books, Middle Grade), erotica, horror, or literary fiction. And while I greatly enjoy reading nonfiction and memoir, I am not currently trained in those areas and so do not feel I am the best fit to coach writers of those types of manuscripts.